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Add psychic surgery to your session for an additional $5.99!

As an Angel Intuitive & embodiment, I work with some of the most amazing and powerful Archangels for guidance, healing, and protection. For a small additional charge, not only will we heal with the Archangels, but I will teach you how to do it yourself. THAT is what's important! They are here to help us all! I will also connect you to your personal Archangel! The Archangels work directly through me, so an Angel that is unlisted on this page may come through!

Here's how I work with some of the Archangels:

Archangel Michael

-Entity removal

-Chord cutting

-Cutting away negative attachments to people, places, and things that no longer serve you

-Michael's protective blue bubble of divine light

Archangel Raphael

-Heart healing

-Relationship healing

-Health and wellness

-Romantic pursuits 

Archangel Uriel

-Clearing and balancing the crown chakra

-Thought re-wiring

-Healing with divine love and light ritual

Archangel Metatron

-Life purpose

-Chakra clearing, opening, and balancing ritual

-Increased Intuition

Archangel Haniel

-Opening clairvoyance

-Awakening spiritual gifts and insights

-Increased intuition

Archangel Chamuel

What are you looking for? This powerful Archangel's name means "Eyes of God." He sees all. Whether it be a new job, a new passion, or even a new relationship, I will invoke Chammy (My nickname for him lol) and he will gladly help out however he can!

Some ask, why not just ask God himself? The truth is, we absolutely are! You see, God created all nine choirs of angels as extensions of himself! The Archangels are the closest to the earth realm, and their will is that of God, peace on earth. The angels are never separated from God. They ARE God! The Archangels all specialize in their own areas, with the ability to help an unlimited amount of people at once. This is called omnipresence, as they are just outside of the space-time zone. However, all beings of the light operate under the universal law of free will. Meaning they can't intervene without your permission. They're here to help in ANY way they can! They only see through the eyes of unconditional love, and they WANT you to see and hear them! You just have to ask. :-)