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This is my grandmother, Minnie. This amazing woman played a massive role in my life. She was my first spiritual teacher, and the first person to make me feel truly connected to our father in heaven, God. Growing up, she would pick me up every friday night to spend the weekend with her. The hour drive back each time holds some of the best memories of my life. She taught me about God, Jesus, the Angels, and of course, dark energies. Grandma would tell me about the conversations that she would have with God, and I was in such awe every time that one could "speak" with God. She taught me not to fear him, but to seek him. She taught me that I was WORTHY of speaking to God. But she was very private about the nature of her spirituality, and asked me not to repeat a lot of the things she had revealed to me. This became very bonding for us. The truth is, the world isn't quite prepared to embrace the truths that were revealed to my grandmother. But I felt honored that she confided in me so much. In January 2018, I had my initial spiritual awakening and my life changed forever. I started to live my grandmother's truth. I started to experience what she had always organically experienced. Naturally, I couldn't wait to tell her all about it. In her last few months, the time we spent together consisted of hours of exchanging our spiritual experiences. She was so fascinated to hear what I had been learning from working with the Angelic realm. It's almost like the roles became reversed! Her face would light up with every new bit of knowledge i'd shed upon her. She began to utilize things like crystals, affirmations, and my favorite thing to teach her, invoking the Angels! My grandmother was a natural psychic, and she had NO idea! She only knew that she listened to what the Divine told her to do. I am SO blessed and grateful to have had this woman as my grandmother and spiritual teacher. This all began with you. I will continue to expand spiritually in honor of you. I love you so much GMA. See you soon.