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Are you ready for the romance of a lifetime? This is a tibetan usui reiki attunement that acts as a powerful soul call to your soulmate(s). Call in your divine love partner!

Why soulmate reiki? 

Soulmate reiki sends out a very powerful call at the soul level for soulmates to come into your life. This is an attunement, meaning the sacred symbol will sit in your auric field for the rest of your life. Once you're attuned, you can activate it as many times as you'd like. Many soulmate reiki cleints report meeting soulmates only WEEKS after their attunement. Reiki does not invade God's plan for you, or the universal laws of divine timing and free will. Soulmate reiki only removes what's standing in the way of true love entering your life. Most of the time, that can be something as little as a belief. Release the past, and prepare your heart for true love. Your beloved is waiting for you!

What's included in this package:

-Free workshop (must be completed before attunement)

-Karma clearing with Saint Germain

-Receive the divine love template with Jesus

-Heart healing with Archangel Raphael

-Soulmate Reiki Attunement with the Venus beings of light

-Psychic insights regarding your beloved who is now on their way to you!

Via Skype or facetime

In-person attunements are limited

Once payment has been accepted, I will send you the free workshop and book your live attunement. Can't wait!

Reikibyrobert11@gmail.com to book!