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Your chakra system looks like a rainbow from the inside. In this healing, I will go through each chakra and jam pack them with divine love and light. Clear your pillar of light and anchor it into the 5th dimensional crystal grid of Gaia!

In this session we will:

Bring healing to all seven chakras. With each chakra, I first clear away any blockages or dis-ease. I then fill them up with divine light, and seal them off with protection. Reiki patients report feelings of well-being, profound feelings of connectivity, and relief from physical or emotional pain. Reiki also subdues feelings of anxiety. Clear your pillar of light and activate your rainbow body!

As always, I will also send healing to any areas of concern. Your body will tell me all that I need to know!

Via distance healing

Hands-on sessions are limited

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Reikibyrobert11@gmail.com to book!