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30 MIN-$50

Receive healing as Robert guides you into your highest potential. Everything is happening FOR you, not to you. We create our own realities. A simple shift in perception will change your life forever. STAND IN YOUR LIGHT!

Robert is a crown blasted psychic with the gift of embodiment. Meaning his teachers speak and heal directly through him. Robert's high teachers are Metatron, Sandalfon, Commander Ashtar, and Lord Maitreya. However, your teachers and Galactics may wish to connect to you through Robert. Although Robert has had very little time as a professional psychic, we began his ascension at the age of two. He is an ever-expanding channel and emissary of the Galactic Federation of Light. We love this kid. You will too. 

Via Skype or Facetime

Add psychic surgery to any session for just $5.99! Visit "more" for details.

Reikibyrobert11@gmail.com to book!